The Four Vampires Print

This horror art print features 4 classic vampires; Gary Oldman, Christopher Lee, Bela Lugosi as DRACULA and Max Schreck as NOSFERATU!

Designed as an homage to a few classic vampire favorites! It’s a must have for fans of universal monsters, Hammer horror and classic horror! Perfect for your horror collection or those with a gothic decor!

Four fangtastic color variants to choose from! Printed as an open edition, 16″x24″ Giclée on archival matte paper. You can order HERE.

FACE CARDS: Card-of-the-Month Edition #3

Have you heard of the amazing thing that I’ve been doing? This is HUGE for all of my trading card collectors. I’m offering a FACE CARD every month through my Patreon page when you’re a subscriber. After you sign up for a $3 or more tier, I will send to you the initial Title Card and that month’s FACE CARD. Every month a new character card will be voted on by my patrons.

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Regular editions of all FACE CARDS collector card sets are AVAILABLE. Currently, there are 7 themed sets; ANTI-HEROES, CREATURES, KILLER BABES, KILLER DUDES 1, KILLER DUDES 2, VAMPIRES, and ZOMBIES. Each set has 25 cards, is signed and numbered, has art on the front with info on the back of each card, and limited to 500 sets each.
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