FACE CARDS: Card-of-the-Month Edition #1

Have you heard of the amazing thing that I’ve been doing? This is HUGE for all of my trading card collectors. I’m offering a FACE CARD every month through my Patreon page when you’re a subscriber. After you sign up for a $3 or more tier, I will send to you the initial Title Card and that month’s FACE CARD. Every month a new character card will be voted on by my patrons.

I’m doing this as a means to not only help promote my Patreon page and get more supporters, but it’s also a perfect way for me to release characters that ideally don’t fit any of the themed sets I have currently or plan on releasing. Sign up today to get the title card and this month’s card. If you’re a completist/collector, you can purchase all of the previous month’s cards too.

Get all past cards (#1-25) for $20

Here is the checklist for Edition #1…

Date Number Description TV / Film
P001 Title Card
05/17 P002 King Leonidas 300
06/17 P003 Albus Dumbledore Harry Potter
07/17 P004 Officer Alex J. Murphy (Robocop) Robocop
08/17 P005 Elvira Elvira: Mistress of the Dark
09/17 P006 Deadpool Deadpool
10/17 P007 Sam Trick ‘r Treat
11/17 P008 Walter White Breaking Bad
12/17 P009 Buddy Elf
01/18 P010 Howard T. Duck Howard the Duck
02/18 P011 Dr. Frank-n-Furter The Rocky Horror Picture Show
03/18 P012 Nebula The Guardians of the Galaxy
04/18 P013 Imperator Furiousa Mad Max: Fury Road
05/18 P014 Han Solo Star Wars: A New Hope
06/18 P015 Sam Winchester Supernatural
06/18 P016 Dean Winchester Supernatural
07/18 P017 Papa Emeritus Ghost
08/18 P018 Lydia Deetz Beetlejuice
09/18 P019 Pris Blade Runner
10/18 P020 David Pumpkins Saturday Night Live
11/18 P021 The Wicked Witch of the West The Wizard of Oz
12/18 P022 Sam the Snowman Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
01/19 P023 Jareth the Goblin King Labyrinth
02/19 P024 Fred Rogers Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood
03/19 P025 Snake Plissken Escape From New York


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