New paintings

There’s a couple new paintings in the Gallery. All 3 for clients. Take a look. Prints are available. Let me know what you think. More art is on its way!

Greetings and Salutations

Welcome to! Landing pad of everything Byron Winton created. Colorful painted illustrations, familiar b&w portraits, the latest prints and merchandise, and up to the minute news. Comment, search, repost and share! Have a look around in the various Galleries. There’s an excellent Shop here to nab all of your favorite prints, comics, CDs, trading cards, and other merchandise I have to offer. If you’re interested in a commissioned piece of art, please send an email to so we can begin that dialog. Be sure to check out all of the diverse social media avenues… I tend to post different things on each. Don’t miss out on any of it.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at the wild illustrative world I’ve immersed myself in.

– Byron

Horror Realm: March 4-6

Next weekend, March 4-6th, is the beginning of the convention season for me starting with HORROR REALM!!! It’s been 3 months. I’m pretty stoked to get back to it. If all goes well, I should have those Kickstarted Trading Cards with me, a couple new prints, a bunch of marker drawings, and some new paintings to sneak peaks at. Come out if you’re in the area!

Check out their Facebook event page for more info…

Face Cards: Killer Babes


Well it’s finally live! My Kickstarter campaign for the trading card set that I’ve been talking about at every convention is seeing the light! My very first trading card set featuring artwork that I’ve been producing and posting fairly regularly on my Facebook page. The theme of this set is the women of horror films. 25 cards and 1 special Kickstarter backed card. A portrait is on the front and cool info about that character is on the back. There are a couple pledge levels to choose from. It’s a clear and simple campaign. Sign up to own a deck now before it’s sold out! Only 500 sets will be produced.

Star Wars Sketch Cards

photo04Back in July of this year I had the fantastic opportunity to participate in creating a batch of sketch cards for TOPPS, specifically to be used for an upcoming STAR WARS trading card set; CHROME PERSPECTIVES: JEDI VS SITH. This is the first time I’ve ever contributed sketch card art for anything let alone for Topps and Star Wars. It’s was a big deal for me! I produced 56 cards in about 3 weeks. I put all of these sketch cards here and in the Sketch Cards section of the Gallery. Granted they’re only sketch cards and will be randomly inserted into packs, but it’s a start. I hope to be invited for more work with Topps in the future. As part of payment, I received 6 Artist Return cards that I specifically selected. I plan to have them up on eBay for sale soon. PATREON subscribers and those who have signed up for the NEWSLETTER have priority. Join in if you want dibs on the action. Stay tuned for details!

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